Everything in this life can be measured in terms of opportunities. And it is that, if you do not take them, they will pass you by as if they were flashes of shooting stars. The same thing happens when you have a business. There is always the possibility of selling your product, at the price you want, to the right person.

The problem is that it is very rare that the stars align so that someone is interested in the service you offer, at just the right moment. Any distraction and your client is already in another universe, looking for another brand or some other way to acquire the same product. It is for this simple reason that today, with so much competition, you need to look for other tools that offer personalized attention, and thus be able to make the most of your business.

How to Offer Personalized Attention?

Many choose to hire an external company or a call center to be able to finish capturing customers and make a sale. But you will know from experience that this tool can be a bit of a hassle, as well as being very expensive.

We have all received a thousand and one calls, and we no longer know what excuses to invent to get rid of the telephone agents. For this reason many people prefer not to call anymore. It is as if they have control of our life and there is not much we can do about it. So having this one option is no longer enough.

Another way to offer personalized attention is through chatbots. You must also know them. They are those little robots that answer on some internet pages, but then they don’t understand us very well and give us programmed and unhelpful answers.

Due to the lack of tools that offer good customer support, a software called WebToq emerged. This tool solves the limitations of chat and call center and adds new features that make customer service super personalized! Read on to find out how it works.

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WebToq: Convert Visitors Into Buyers

Imagine that your customers can come to your website looking for information and an online agent advises them on the information they are looking for and finds personalized solutions right then and there, without leaving the website. No need to call or do lengthy research! What’s more, imagine that the agent can exchange videos, images, and files with this online client to get exactly where he wanted.

This is WebToq. This company recently emerged to help those companies that are struggling with the limitations of their call center or that simply offer more complicated products or services than what can be sold with an online shopping cart.

It is an advanced tool that combines various software in order to offer more than just customer service. It is an experience never seen before!

Now you can turn your website into a sales and service channel where you can advise your customers as if they were in front of you. They just enter the page, start looking for information and that’s it! There are online agents to support, advise, and sell.

Chatbots and Chats vs. WebToq

The advantages offered by WebToq are much more advanced than those of a common chat.

The problem

In the first place, users will be speaking with an agent, that is, a person from your same company and not with programmed software, so the language becomes a little more human and warm. If the client requests something specific, your agent will know what to answer.

On the other hand, a traditional chat becomes a one-dimensional communication, that is, only text. Which makes the customer get bored, lose patience and, therefore, abandon the purchase process.

The solution

With WebToq, the conversation is much more versatile and dynamic, because beyond sending videos or directing the user to a specific search, it is possible to carry out a personalized and live session from the same website. Without asking the customer to download another app or open another browser tab. Nowadays, a human interaction that clarifies doubts could be the key to success in each sale.

In addition to chatting online with the agent to ask for help, WebToq also sends specific questionnaires, images, videos and audios, to find out which product best suits the user’s needs.

The user can also submit their own images to refer to what they are looking for. For example, you want to buy cable, but you don’t know which package or special is right for you. Maybe you want a car with functions to prevent accidents and you don’t know which model is the right one. Maybe you enter a realtor’s page and you prefer to be shown images and photos of houses instead of you looking for them. For these situations there is WebToq. The system allows the agent to send questionnaires in order to find the ideal product according to the needs and tastes of each visitor.

What makes it unique is that the user does not need to download any application or have a registration to access the tool. For example, GoToMeeting allows you to link online, but you need to register the conference beforehand and go to a new web page or app. .

The essential difference is that WebToq will already be installed within your page. This is because it is an integrated service called SAAS (Software As A Service for its figures in English). In this way, users will be able to communicate with you directly, send you messages, images, questionnaires and videos, at a very affordable price!

This way you will convert your visitors into buyers. They will not have to leave your page, nor search for a product for hours, much less depend on a call.

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Don’t Just Sell, Help

Consider that the more you know your users, the more you can help them become profitable and loyal customers.

Another mistake that is often made in customer service, especially in the digital part, is that the user is treated as just another number, or worse, like everyone else. This is one way of letting go of that precious opportunity to earn a customer’s loyalty. You must not allow it!

Offers a Unique Experience

Each customer is unique, and the best way to make a sale is to offer a personalized experience. Depending on the line of business, you must adapt the tools so that you impress all your customers.

To do this, WebToq developed software that allows you to modify the interface so that you can manage it in the way that best suits you. With this tool, you can place videos and links in such a way that your client does not waste time looking for a service.

For example, if you are a company that sells television services, you can send surveys to users so that you can recommend the right package. If you are a realtor you can send them videos or images of the houses as well as your own video tutorials explaining the process of buying or selling a house. You can let your imagination run wild and use WebToq to make it easy for your user to buy on the spot.

How does it work?

WebToq uses pre-made pages that you can choose from to suit your customers. These pages form a kind of “storyboard” or guide that is in the cloud.

This storyboard will be like the Bible for your sales, since it will establish the steps to follow in the customer service procedure. Thus, any member of your company or agent will be able to secure a purchase from your website, without having to direct the customer to a specific department. Amazing, don’t you think?

Note that this feature is only visible to employee

Try a Free Trial

WebToq has free trials and plans for all types of businesses. In addition to offering training so that your staff knows all the functions and makes the most of them. The quote is free and right now they are offering discounts so you can discover the wonders of this tool.

Innovate your business and increase your sales. Do not miss the opportunity. The moment is today.

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Costs vary depending on the number of customers you serve at the time. For example, there are companies that need 3 or 4 agents at the same time to answer different calls and thus not lose any customers. For this, there are different WebToq packages that are quite accessible and that adapt to the needs of your company.

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