A website is useless if no one can find it, access it or enjoy it. It is important to understand how to get stand out on the Internet and how to position yourself at the top on the preferred search engines. This article will show you the basics of inbound marketing strategies.

Search engine optimization is absolutely essential in any digital strategy, but it demands a lot of work and perseverance if you want to become number one in the Google ranking. Whether it’s a new site or not, you should create an XML Sitemapwhich is a file that lists the important pages of a website, making sure that search engines can find and crawl them all.

Knowing the importance of the Sitemap, what happens if a new URL is not sent directly to it? The Search engine takes approximately 23 hours to index the page through web search bots. However, when you submit an updated sitemap to Google Search Console, the time is reduced to 14 minutes. Google Search Console is a very useful web service tool for ensuring web access success since Google is the primary web search engine. . Google Search Console is a web service from Google that allows webmasters to check indexing status, search queries, crawl errors and optimize the visibility of their websites. 

Here’s how to upload your sitemap and URL:  

  1. Go into Google Search Console and you enter your website. It will ask you to verify the domain ownership through the DNS record. 
  2. Locate the box of “Add a sitemap”. Enter your website’s XML sitemap extension.

Once done, you’ll see a list of submitted sitemaps and the number of URLs discovered, as shown below: 

The sitemap is essential for indexing but uploading it through the Google Search Console is not. If you add an internal link to another page of your website that Google already has in its index, it will help to discover the new URL. Just as Google finds new content with internal link crawling, the same applies to inbound links from external sources. Google will find you anyway.   

Many of the concepts here can be applied to other Internet Search Engines as well. But no other Search engine can even compete with Google since they have 91.4% of the market according to Statcounter.

The last recommendation make in this article for your website to be easily found is to not only focus on the positioning of the internal links but also their optimization. It is also very important to construct inside links. What means is to ensure that other highly regarded outside links make reference to yours. The more inbound links you have, the more important your website will be and the higher your classification will become.

Before you ask for inbound links around the Internet, keep these three points in mind:

  1. The link you are asking for should belong to your same niche.
  2. The positioning and credibility of the other website should be high quality.
  3. You must convince the administrators of the other website that it is their benefit to link to your site.

The best way to entice other websites to make relevant and high quality links with your own is to create unique and relevant content in yours that will gain popularity in a natural form in the Internet community.We leave you with the following recommendations for the creation of inbound links, also known as backlinks.

We leave you with the following recommendations for the creation of inbound links, also known as backlinks.

  • Create educational and entertaining high-quality content. When people like your content, they will be happy to link to it.
  • Register your website in on-line directories. 
  • Write publications as a guest in other blogs. This is beneficial to both sides. People want to have additional content (quality) from other sources and in exchange, you get a great way to obtain inbound links.
  • Investigate the opportunity to create links in other sites, but always verify the authority of those sites. There are many tools on line to verify the quality and authority of a web site. HubSpot is an example.
  • Do not lend, exchange or buy links.

Everything that has been mentioned is necessary for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). At the beginning it is a difficult job setting up, testing, monitoring and resetting but once you have the correct content and inbound links established, you should see definite, positive results.

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